Our clinic is a mixed-billing pratice
We bulk-bill between the hours of 8:30am-5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Appointments outside of these times are privately billed with Medicare Rebates available at the time of consultation. These include appointments on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays or appointments outside of our regular bulk billing hours.


Appointment Type                         Item Number             Our Fee's                           Medicare Rebate
                                                                                                                            [Saturday] - [Sunday]

Brief (<5mins)                                      5000/3                 $45                                $16.95 -  $26

Standard Appointment(<20min)           5020/23                $75                                $37.05 - $49

Long Appointment (20min>)                5040/36                $120                               $71.70 - $83.95

Extended Appointment (40min>)         5060/44                $160                               $105.55 - $117.75


Dressing Fee's

Depending on the required level of wound care or for certain procedures necessary there may be a fee involved for consumables. Pensioners receive a $5 discount on all dressing fee's. Your nurse will inform of possible fee's prior to your consent for the procedure.

Level of Dressing                                                                                           Fee $

Basic Dressing                                                                                                $5

Standard Consumables                                                                                   $10

Complicated Dressing 1                                                                                  $15         

Complicated Dressing 2                                                                                  $25       


Non-Medicare Covered Appointments

Our clinic has private fee's for the following consultations, please call our clinic on (07) 38497111 and speak to our friendly reception team to find out more.

  • Commercial Vehicle/ Taxi/Uber Licence
  • Insurance/Income Reports
  • Pre-Employment Medicals
  • QFever Vaccinations
  • Health Examinations for Insurance/Memberships